Super Stairs

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Deconstruct the experience. What are the three acts of this story? What were the teacher moves? How is it different than the same kind of problem in a textbook?

FileModeling Moves

How do you maximize student engagement here?

What tools, information, and resources, and help will students need from you?

How do we validate their answer?

Finish the Story

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Sketchy Graphs

FileTasty v. Easy

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fileImage 2

fileImage 3

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fileImage 6

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Secret Skepticism Survey

Whenever I’m sitting in your seat, sitting through some kind of professional development, I often feel a burning, secret skepticism, something that I keep to myself. I’m inviting you here to make that skepticism or question known (anonymously) to the rest of us.

LinkSecret Skepticism Survey

Textbook Makeover

— What is the hook?
— Can I make that question guessable?
— Can I illustrate it?
— Can I remove information to be added later?
— Can I validate their math?
— How could I extend this with a “sequel?”


filePots of Paint

fileShipping Routes

FileAngular Velocity

FileBead Store

FileBedroom Area

fileCheckerboard Borders

FileBrick Patio

FileCar Wreck

FileMini Golf

FilePostal Service

FileRemote Control Car

filePenny Circle


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